Restaurant Sun olive A restaurant where you can enjoy Shodoshima specialties

Business hours 11:00~15:00
Closed on Wednesday

Three olive noodles


Olive Pork Burger


Drinks for adults

  • 吟醸生貯蔵酒 森 ¥670

    14% Alcohol A slightly dry local sake with flowery scent and vivid taste

  • フレッシュ
    ハーブティー ¥500

    Fresh Herbal Tea Using fresh herbs grown in the herb garden of Shodoshima Olive Park

  • しろまめまめ ¥670

    A spicy and fruity beer using wheat, orange peel and juice

  • きんまめまめ ¥670

    A clear-cut beer using Shodoshima's rice

  • あかまめまめ ¥670

    An easy-to-drink fruity beer using orange

  • くろまめまめ ¥670

    A beer characterized by its scent and body, using soy sauce and moromi

Drinks for children

  • 塩サイダー 御塩 ¥250

    Salt Cider
    Soda containing abundant Shodoshima Island saltwater minerals

  • オリーブサイダー ¥200

    Olive Cider
    A popular local cider with a refreshing fresh olive flavor that tastes like green apple

  • 醤油サイダー ¥200

    Soy Sauce Cider
    A cider using Shodoshima soy sauce